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Sepehr Afrooz Saba Company, as one of the leading Iranian companies in the field of information and communication technology, has the honor of bringing together experienced professionals as a professional family to meet the needs of today's growing society and offer a suitable ground. We have started our activities in the fields of hardware, network and software production in the areas of e-commerce solutions, customer relationship systems and office automation, while fulfilling our mission in providing strict deployment and support services.

In this intimate work environment, by making collective decisions and relying on the created facilities, we have created new solutions that have led to significant growth and while developing software systems and providing hardware solutions to our ideals of innovation, updating the work and increasing customer satisfaction and expanding our share in the market, we have fulfilled.

Thus, by executing creative and up-to-date management, attracting information and its rapid circulation along with intelligent data analysis as well as valuable experiences in the field of hardware and network, Sepehr Afrooz Saba has become a dynamic company.

The use of this infrastructure has made it possible to recognize opportunities and discover the future needs of organizations, we believe that successful projects are possible in a good environment and with a united group, hence, our analysis and design, software and hardware departments are composed of experienced and professional, creative and reliable people who, with a collective spirit, are always trying to meet the best results.