IFS software is a leader in planning the organization's resources in the field of oil, gas and energy

IFS is a leading software in providing enterprise resource planning (ERP) in the field of energy industries, which has provided services to more than 400 projects and companies with current assets.

IFS software is a comprehensive business support at the organizational level in the field of sales and contract management, engineering, project management, document management, service and asset management, supply chain subcontractors - consisting of finance and human resources management - for organizations with the possibility of implementing operations in dry and It provides water.

 In the energy sector, IFS focuses on Asset Owner, Mobile Asset Owner and Project and Service Contractors.



Asset Owners:

Digitization and improvement of business efficiency for asset owners in the field of energy

In the energy industry, where any failure directly affects the bottom line, long-term asset management and maintenance will be of utmost importance. Any operator that provides upgrade or life cycle extension services for assets needs a business plan that meets strict regulatory requirements and demands.

IFS offers Asser Owners an industrial solution to achieve more efficient processes and ultimately reduce downtime.

With IFS Cloud it is easy to manage operations by integrating project management, material/logistics management, maintenance planning, work/service order management, resource allocation, finance, document management, business intelligence as well as HSEQ.

  • IFS Cloud will increase efficiency and reduce costs with powerful maintenance capabilities in supply chain management.
  • Increased collaboration with suppliers, thanks to sub-contract management and web-based collaboration portals.

IFS Cloud has advanced financial management, as well as joint venture accounting, taking into account expenses and other related transactions from finance, project, supply chain and asset management against the joint venture entity, including cash requests. It supports allocation and billing to partners based on their share and possible changes in that share.

Mobile Asset Owners:

How to improve Onshore and Offshore efficiency?

Energy companies that are Mobile Asser Owners with complex Mobile Asset operations need enterprise asset management (EAM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, designed specifically for offshore environments.

Floating production storage and FPSO owners, drilling contractors and other owners of complex vessels with global fleets can integrate their onshore and offshore operations by implementing the software and management by A single version of it brought increased profitability, improved efficiency and reduced business risk to the organization.

IFS Cloud for Mobile Asset Owners:

  • Support for the global and multi-company collection and financial management, in places where Mobile Assets will affect the tax and regulatory plan in the current waters.
  • Unify project and asset management on a single platform to track asset status over a lifetime that includes multiple modifications.
  • Deal with the complexities of an international supply chain where inventory is distributed and some spare and repair items are shared regionally by multiple ships.
  • Build an enterprise platform on which innovation can add real value through technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT).
  • Support for internal replication ( in-built replication)

Project and Service Contractors:

How to gain control of projects and improve margins?

Project- based services companies,  which provide services such as installation, renovation, periodical overhaul, relocation and decommissioning, will use labor, materials and equipment in most cases. .

For example, turbine installation for energy customers includes installation, repairs and maintenance, submarine communication cable repairs and implementation of a control system in a new asset.

Tasks are interdependent and often require multiple skills, for example, it requires mechanical ability to install physical equipment and electrical ability to install.

A project is considered successful if the company completes it in a precise schedule, within a certain range and with a set budget.

IFS helps these organizations to:

  • Identify and set the exact budget and scope.
  • Converting the scope of the project (Project Scope) into an executive solution
  • Achieving the final goal of the project within a given time frame even with complex communications
  • Attracting the right people with the most appropriate talents, at the right time
  • Ensuring delivery team's ability to monetize execution