What's new in IFS Application 10

IFS Aurena:

It is a browser-based user experience that offers users an efficient visual interface. IFS Aurena uses a consumer-first design to motivate users to work with higher productivity. IFS Aurena was initially introduced for B2B users and is now evolving rapidly using the HFS concept for evergreen businesses.


AI/human-machine interaction:

Using artificial intelligence technology, IFS Aurena Bot allows users to interact with the system through voice or text input in a visual and efficient way. It also allows users to ask questions in natural language. IFS Aurena Bot can be accessed through popular communication systems such as Skype, Facebook, as well as through IFS Aurena itself.


Service-centric capabilities:

The service-oriented capabilities of IFS 10 software include major investments to support service-oriented organizations, especially for service manufacturers and after-sales services that, like service companies, need a set of application programs tailored to the business plan. They have their own. Among the major updates in this field, the ability to manage services and contracts in the CRM module, advanced support for multi-person and multi-mode work execution, continued work order investment in IFS MOBILE, better management and optimization of demand and resources. , cost control and WIP accounting along with new capabilities to engage with customers across the service lifecycle and manage outsourced work to contractors.


Demand-driven MRP (DDMRP):

DDMRP is an extended form of MRP that helps companies face problems caused by short product life cycles, lead times, and large changes in demand. By introducing important and strategic inventory capabilities, companies can reduce lead times and become increasingly demand-driven instead of relying on uncertain forecasts.
IFS's embedded solution is certified by Demand Driven, which demonstrates the power of IFS software in cost-effective implementation.


Manufacturing functionality:

The new version has major improvements in supporting the production process, which includes new and extensive capabilities for tracking, quality management, management of instructions and formulas, rework and business management. These new features enable manufacturers to turn digital transformation into increased productivity.

Enhancements for global business:

To provide extensive support for global businesses, IFS Applications 10 has a completely rebuilt engine that includes global tax management, multi-company capabilities, and strong support for parallel offices.

Modern and cloud-friendly APIs:

APIs organized and built based on the latest RESTful method and OASIS oData standard, ensuring easy integration of data and processes in IFS applications with IoT and AI technologies, Microsoft Office 365, and many other modern cloud technologies. It provides a SaaS solution. Darren Roos, CEO of IFS, said: "We are excited to launch IFS Applications 10 to help customers in key areas such as automation, connected devices and servicing. “The core version has been developed in close collaboration with our customers and brings a lot of innovation that will ensure maximum business value in a day. The new version includes more than 500 new features, all designed for service-oriented organizations.
IFS Applications 10 has already been used by five customers and feedback on the system has been provided. Chief Industries, Inc. USA Hexpol Sweden, Portsmouth Aviation UK Volac UK and Valmont Industries USA, which include a wide range of industries that are in different geographical areas.
Neville Chapman, Volac Business Development Manager, said: “One of the key benefits of IFS Applications 10 has been the new IFS Aurena application experience, which enables users to work efficiently on any device, at any time. We are excited about this feature, along with the IFS lobby feature, which allows users to easily access the information they need to do their jobs. We are developing strategic visual KPIs that get the latest information directly from IFS. By using these dashboards, along with operational information and related functions, we expect to reap the true value of our system investment.
Working with IFS through the Early Adopter Program and being able to influence product development has been a very positive experience and we look forward to continuing our partnership.
IFS Applications 10 has achieved initial agreements through major sales contracts with French postal service company La Poste, defense and security company SAAB, Swedish coffee producer Löfbergs Lila, Swiss micromotor manufacturer maxon motor, and Norwegian company Bergene Holm.

About IFS Company

IFS™ is a provider of ERP software for customers in all parts of the world who are involved in the processes of manufacturing and distributing goods, maintaining assets and managing service-oriented operations. Our people's industry expertise and optimal solutions, along with our commitment to our customers, have made us a leader in this business. A network of local offices and through a growing ecosystem.